Delegated Purchasing

Managed Bundle

Delegated purchasing allows business users to place orders within spending limits and business rules. Managers and corporate purchasing can manage, approve, edit, reject, and report on these orders at a regional and corporate level. This delegated purchasing application are native to and hosted on NetSuite ERP, NetSuite SCA platform.
  1. Unique product catalog
  2. Customer specific price levels
  3. Branded with corporate logo
    1. Maximum order total: The customer can be configured so that each order cannot exceed a maximum order totals.


    1. Maximum order quantity: Items have been configured with maximum order quantity.


  1. Minimum order quantity: Items have been customized to also support a minimum order quantity. For example, a gym may not order more than on snow blower.

If an order violates any of the business rules, the user can notate the reasons at checkout. That information will be available to the manager when reviewing orders for approval. For example, maybe extra supplies were needed for the upcoming marketing event.

Managers can be be set to approve orders in these ways:

  1. Auto-approve all orders.
  2. Auto-approve orders below budget while requiring manager approval for orders exceeding the user’s spending limit.
  3. Require approval for all orders.

Orders can be edited prior to approval:

  1. Edit item quantities.
  2. Delete items from the order.
  3. Reject the order entirely.

SCA My Account has been converted to a purchasing dashboard which has everything purchasing and approval managers need to do their daily work.

  1. Managers can approve or deny orders directly from the dashboard.
  2. Managers can approve multiple orders at once.
  3. Orders flagged with the business rules violated.

Messages, reminders and announcements are displayed at the top of the dashboard. These can be sent to all users, to one corporation’s users and or assigned to individual users.

  1. Transaction reports CSV download.
  2. Item list reports CSV download.

Managers can see order activity:

  1. Snapshot of order activity.
  2. Filter by location or date.
  3. Download CSV.

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